Shared taxis in France.

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Sharing a taxi in France feels like something crazy and at the same time as something daring, but if we see it from another point of view it could be something exciting that can bring you beautiful experiences.

Can you imagine taking a taxi with an unknown individual or maybe a friend or a relative, you can find it fascinating or scary?

Life is full of surprises.  it can be a new challenge for someone who enjoys new adventures or adrenaline junkie daring to do something new in this modern century,

Stroll through the city of Paris, or visiting new places you’ve never seen.

 Travel avenues aboard a taxi while you share experiences or maybe fall in love during this fascinating and mysterious journey.

 Sharing a taxi in France is a new trend that many do today for many purposes, save time, money and other factors in this beautiful European city.

You might ask yourself what to do, how to do it?; It is something you must discover!. I invite you to experience today, do not to stop sharing your taxi in France, either day or night or whatever the reason that leads you to do it, fear, desire, experiment, challenge, or need is something that at the end you and only you will live and have the opportunity to share with others.

 Many people are afraid to travel from their hotel to the airport with a complete stranger in a big and unknown city. Others may just not have enough money to afford a trip of $ 80 dollars along.

There are stories of people who prefer to travel alone, others who enjoy this uncommon trend due to the social development of the continent, an experience that you could live in some countries in Central and South America.

Most travelers leave their countries searching for something new that marks their lives in a positive way, that when they return to their homes they can share that lived experience, with relatives, friends or their own children.

Imaging arriving in France and have someone asks you if you want to share your taxi with him is not common because you never know what could happen in that period, but at the same time, you are aroused by the curiosity of going beyond what you have experienced before.

The tv, news and stories told by people who have experienced all kinds of events.

Would you be part of a reality show where the main objective would be to tackle 10 different taxis in France with totally unknown people?

Imagine that they knock on your door and they tell you that by boarding a taxi in France in the company of someone that you don’t know they will give you money, would you do it?

France is a city visited by thousands of people around the world, they do it for fun others for business.

 Important people, artists and great celebrities as athletes. Imagine sharing a taxi with a movie star by chance, this would

Eventually, transportation costs are high and there are undoubtedly people who do what is necessary to save money and share your taxi is a risk that must be taken.

Good or bad there are advantages and disadvantages of this decision along and short of this road which can be a good or bad experience. Most of these services are private and expensive however it is an adventure of one, two or more

All medium and large train stations – and many small ones – have a taxi stand out the front. In small cities and towns, where taxi drivers are unlikely to find another fare anywhere near where they let you off, one-way and return trips often cost the same. Tariffs are about 30% higher at night and on Sundays and holidays. A surcharge is usually charged to get picked up at a train station or airport, and there’s a small additional fee for a fourth passenger and/or for suitcases.

A lot of people says that share a taxi in France they enjoy a smooth, hassle-free transfer to central Paris

Take the worry out of your arrival at Orly or Charles de Gaulle airports.

Strict regulations impose high costs on the operators and favour the operators that are already in the market make people decide for this risky option

So in the end, not everything is bad according to those who have lived it in their own flesh.

The hectic life of these cities that transcend the modern culture and many aspects of everyday life, as at the beginning mentioned there is so much glamour, so much to experience and live that sharing your transport in France is an adventure like travelling in time.

The demand for more agile and innovative means of transport have led people to these new facets in which if we see from another profile the need to reduce costs leads them to share and take risks during this trip.

Other reasons that have led transportation companies to offer this type of services which help economically to many social sectors.

Maybe not seeing this as a daring adventure or a risk of falling into the hands of an abductor or robber with the same taxi driver but the need to find a less expensive way to travel.

Shared taxis in France is the effect of new technologies such as smartphones and social media, new service providers impose considerable competition to the existing taxi services.

Insecurity, in the same way, demands a high sense of responsibility and is a day-to-day issue in large cities such as France.

Knowing that you share the same transport can be an ex-convict or as mentioned above, someone from high places who wants to pass out

Share taxis in France Taxis provide important services for society.

We also have to realize that there is also voluntary, unpaid crowdsourcing, which refers to people sharing, for example, their capacity or knowledge for free, and contribute to common goods or non-commercial work.

We have talked about assumptions, the bad and the good thing about sharing your taxi in France, but the reality is that this is not a third world country where anyone takes the helm of a taxi and calls himself a taxi driver.

There are many regulations in this guild and that is that a taxi driver apart from a license must have a certification and other aspects that accredit them as such.

Clients who approach this means of shared transportation are selective people who can pay for them since the cost of travelling with another individual has a different cost.

Today technology plays an important factor these people should not leave their homes to address them, enter electronic platforms which until payment can be executed with a credit.

Card or cash once you get on it.

The advantage of these services goes to large scales, large and small take advantage of the service even to travel to school.

While conventional taxi services cover all the segments, the new transport services that have arisen with the virtual technologies are particularly interested in the pre-booked.

The lower prices make the shared taxis attractive for relevant passengers.

In rural and small urban areas of France, the 24-hour service obligation is the most cost-increasing factor.

In many rural areas, one consequence of the price regulation is customer queues, as there are not enough taxis at demand peaks.

Another is cross-subsidization from services delivered to the public authorities for special transport services.

A sixth distinction concerns the ‘middle man’, which is a dispatcher or a mobile phone application.

On the other hand, there are voices speaking in favour of the shared taxis in France.

One feature of the sharing taxi is that it often adopts altruism as a motivation to participate.

The capacity is available, sharing it makes everyone better off even independent of any transactions which occur between parties.

Sharing a taxi is important for covering a range of everyday needs, this has other consequences for society.

The share taxis in France has created both optimism and concerns in the transport sector

Taxi sector shows that competitive pressures and regulatory challenges also existed between shared taxis and other crowd-taxis.

One key challenge in the 21st century is to create regulations which facilitate the provision of safe and available transport services to the public, both in rural and urban areas of France. Another is to allow for the benefits of new technologies without creating an uneven playing field. Given the need for universal services in rural areas, balancing these competing aims is particularly challenging with shared taxis.

The rise of the so-called “sharing economy” has created new competition across a number of

Industries, most notably hotels, and Shared taxis, through ride-sharing services like

 Lift, and Sidecar. This paper explores the competitive effects of ride-sharing on the taxi

Industry using a detailed dataset from the France Taxi.

The rapid growth of ride-sharing has upended the taxicab industry, which is traditionally heavily regulated.

The sharing taxis generate value by matching these assets with consumers willing to pay for the services those assets could provide. Those services, of course, have existed for ages, hotels.

As I mentioned before, the advances and demands of a new era force many to take risks in order to obtain a type of benefit.

France and in many countries in the world have transport issue. Is something that has crossed borders as it is something that should be infringed on every day 365 days a year. The need and demands of many sectors and growing global are factors that involve this phenomenon.

The economy, the shortage of jobs and low wages are other symptoms that push many people to take this type of service.

The human mind is so complex that every action and every living is an adventure or another experience, according to the experts, every 10 of 100 people are forced to take action to counter their transport needs in these European cities.

Many do not have the opportunity to acquire a vehicle because they are below the level of a salary that allows them to pay rent, survive and buy a vehicle as in other countries such as the United States.

France is invaded by many immigrants and foreigners from the rest of Europe, Asia and the Americas, who must adapt to a standard of living according to their potential income.

But something that we have to realize is that much cheaper than the train or even a bus, they are also a great way to share stories and meet locals.

You could pick a front or back seat in a car that is already going to your destination, and you don’t even have to drive.

This kind of economical carpooling is very popular locally, so on any given day you will have your choice of cars, and can choose your ride based on the type of vehicle, the driver’s ratings and reviews, and see the profiles of the other passengers.  The meet up is usually set at the train station in the morning, so once you choose your car online, you then just show up in the morning, ready to roll!

There are many popular ride-sharing services in France, and you can read all about it first on their global site in English.

The share taxi in French site; even though it’s in French, it is very intuitive and easy to sign up and navigate even for non-French speakers.

Don’t worry not everything is how it sounds. I invite you to take your time to live this experience andhit the highway while letting someone else do the driving, saving money, doing good for the environment, and meeting meet new people!   The sharing economy rocks!

The passengers say that the love:

Relax in air-conditioned comfort

Sit back and enjoy the landmarks of Paris as your driver navigates the difficult roads

Be an exciting truth?

-Is it a style or a need?

-Do you dare to do it?

Do it and tell me, what it feels like to share a taxi in France?

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