Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is my sons 40th birthday.  Nine days from now I will turn 57. Yes, I was practically a child bride, but we will leave that for another post.

I wanted to make this birthday special for him, something he would always remember.  When my Grandfather passed away in 1977 I inherited the ring that he inherited from his father.  In other words, the ring originally belonged to my Great-Grandfather.  Having the ring end up in my possession is, in itself quite extraordinary. My Grandfather had 10 siblings and some of them wanted that ring.  It had belonged to their father after all, and they thought I should just turn it over.  I didn't.  I kept it. 

For his 40th birthday, I passed the ring on to my son.  He was very touched.  Along with the ring I gave him some printed material about his Great-Great Grandfather so he would know something about the man that first wore that ring.  I feel so good about it. It ended up being just as memorable for me as it was for him.

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