Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had the meal at our house this year.  We usually do.  Turkey in a bag, as usual.  But this year Tim and I made the Pumpkin Pies!  Neither of us have ever made a real pie before and this is as close to real as we could get for a first try.  We bought the crust, so I guess we cheated a little, but still - we did it!  It turned out okay.  We did a deep dish and a regular dish.  The deep dish is the only one I have tasted and even though it was okay, I've tasted better.  Next pie we make will be with our own crust.

I am slowly making friends with my kitchen. Now that I have reorganized the cupboards it is much easier to work in.  I have caught myself actually enjoying it!  Tomorrow or Sunday we are doing our second big "shopping for storage" trip.  I got some money for my birthday and have decided to buy a food dehydrator.  Dried foods keep longer and better, and in less space.  I also want to buy a water bath canner but I really need a winter coat so what's a girl to do????  Oh well, the canner can wait.

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