Friday, February 18, 2011

Bob's Red Mill Store and New Grain Mill

We took another trip into town to get supplies.  This time we got wheat berries and oat groats.  Both of which we can grind in our new grain mill.  We decided to buy the Family Grain Mill from Pleasant Hill Grain Co. We ordered the combo which includes a base motor and a hand crank.  The motor is on back order so we have been trying out the hand crank and it works great.

This is the grain mill.

We decided to also purchase the flaker attachment.  We have oatmeal almost everyday and with the flaker we can flake or roll our own oats.  They taste so much better when they are freshly rolled.

I had an empty instant oatmeal carton so I filled it with oat groats and used a rubber band to attach the label.

Whole Oat groats

First flakes.

I was quite impressed with the ease of use.  I was able to flake this bowl of oats with no problem and I'm kind of a wimp :)  I'm looking forward to trying the wheat berries next!

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  1. That is so cool. I don't think I ever thought about how oatmeal gets "flaked".

  2. Love the pictures! I have a grain mill for flour, but the oats ids definitely got me thinking I need a flaker! LOL! Will my kitchen ever be complete?

  3. We have the family grain mill as well and also purchased it from the Pleasant Hill Grain Co.!

    We originally only bought the hand crank and then this past August we bought the motorized base. I have to say I LOVE the convenience of the motorized base. :) It was good practice, though, for our family to use the hand crank for about a year.


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