Monday, February 7, 2011

Seeds, Soup, and Hot Rolls

We ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this year. I want to try to grow everything from seed.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew because my thumb isn't very green. However, Tim's is! He is confidant that he can get it all done in time.  (Notice I said HE can get it done. Ha!)  Our last frost is around the end of March to mid April so I guess we still have a bit of time.  I am very excited to see and taste some of these unusual varieties.  I want to have enough surplus this year to can and dehydrate as much as possible.

I'm not much of a football fan, but Tim wanted to watch the Super Bowl so I decided to make Beef & Vegetable Soup, and some homemade rolls.  The recipe for the rolls was not very specific and I kind of bluffed my way through it.  Now, mind you, I have very little knowledge of what to do in a kitchen so this was a big step for me.  I had planned to make hard rolls, but they turned out soft and sweet.  They were good, just not what I was trying to accomplish.   I found another recipe on the web and will try that tomorrow.

Here is the simmering soup and the dough getting started.

Look at that dough rise!

Yum, yum!  Just what I needed for a cold day of Super Bowl commercials :)

And last, but not least, the first ever rolls from "scratch" to come out of my kitchen.

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  1. Okay now I'm hungry! Found you through the Survivalmom Blogring...I really enjoyed your blog! Come visit me sometime on mine..I am garden dreaming too!

  2. I love Baker Creek Seed CO. I tried harvesting some of my own seeds from what I planted last year. I hope they work. I have green beans, peas and spinach. I tried to harvest the cucumber seeds, BUT it totally grossed me out after letting it ferment in my basement for a bit. I'm reordering cucumbers. My tomatoes were a joke last year. I tried growing some in a container on my porch, but then my chickens found them. :)

    Thanks for following! I'm following you back! :)

  3. That soup looks so good! We had a Super Bowl party, too, but this year I didn't much in the way of homemade, except for an awesome bean dip: 2 cans refried beans, 2 c. grated cheddar, some salsa, and chopped onion. The cheese made it really creamy and yummy. We're not big football fans; we just look for any excuse to have a counter full of food!

  4. Gosh, that looks good! I can't wait to start my seeds. I'm hoping that I can direct seed peas, lettuce and carrots here in a few weeks. Last year I got them in mid-March and it got too hot for the peas by mid-May. Such a narrow window here in the South.

  5. Found you through Survival Mom Blog Ring! I've never heard of Barker Seeds, but am looking for a place to get heirloom seeds this year. Are they reasonably priced?

  6. Those rolls look seriously good. I'm a sucker for anything bread.


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