Monday, July 18, 2011

Proud New Member

I love these guys.
These are the guys that haunt the "anti-gun" politicians. 
Nothing gets past them - State or federal - they're on it.
Then they share it with the rest of us.
If we want to preserve our gun rights we have to stand up.

I'm standing and I'm pretty darn sure you are too.

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  1. Having trouble getting a comment through. I think it's weather on this end. Let me try again. I wanted to say "good for you." Every person who stands up to be counted makes us that much stronger.

  2. Good for you too! Just found your blog from Rural Retreat, it's great.
    MaryB in GA

  3. Good for you...can't believe I hadn't already hit your follow button. Done. Getting old I guess.

  4. I added you to the GBBL:


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