Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Computer is Back!

I have had some rather miserable computer problems for awhile now and finally it's fixed! 
We took our annual camping trip with our ten year old granddaughter, which was very pleasant. The weather was great and we had a fun time with her as always. We have a 5th wheel RV and take all of the dogs too.  It's a wonderful get-away.  Next year we will start the tradition with our grandson who will be six by then. 

We are getting about 6 eggs a day now from "the Girls".  I have enjoyed these little gals so much.  They are quite friendly and they seem to enjoy my company too.  When I get home from work they all rush to the fence to say hello.  Actually I think they are saying "Let us out!"  We only let them out on the weekends.  The rest of the time they have to stay in their yard.

We have been concentrating on our food storage the past couple of weeks.  The "pantry" is in need of more shelving so that is next on the list of things to do.  We have the shelving unit, we just don't have the time to get it set up.  Elk season is just around the corner and I'm hoping Tim gets one this year.  It would be very comforting to fill the freezer up with meat.

I found a vintage stove on Craig's List that I would love to have for canning.  We are going to look at it on Saturday.  Do any of you have experience with vintage stoves?  This one is a 1954 RCA Estate electric range and oven.  Actually it has three ovens.  The range top has two large burners and two small ones, and in the center it has a griddle with a super large burner beneath it.  It's 40" wide so there is much more room for canners and pots.  And I have plenty of room for it in my canning kitchen.  I'll let you know if we buy it.
Regardless, I will be canning plums on Saturday.  One of our neighbors has two golden plum trees that are loaded with fruit and she said "come and get 'em"!  Wow.  You don't have to tell me twice, I'm on it!
After that I'll be harvesting apples in our little orchard and putting up some pie filling and applesauce.  (Man I could sure use that stove!)

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll get around to visit as soon as I can.




  1. It's nice to have you back. Missed 'ya. The stove sounds great. Wish I had the experience to give help, but I don't.

  2. Stephen,
    Thanks. It's good to be back. I am very excited about seeing the stove tomorrow. I just hope it works - the guy was a bit vague on that. :)


  3. I am surely glad to see you back on line. I missed your posts. Also, when people just drop off line you always worry they're dead or something horrible happened to them. :-(

    Glad you are ok!

    I don't know much about stoves, Stephen is the duty expert on old stoves and if he doesn't know the one you found, it must be unique!

  4. I found you via Arsenius's page. I say, between his green page and your red, it must surely be Christmas time. :-)

  5. I like your blog, interesting. I don't have a lot of experence with electric I use gas, it is quick heat and can be used without power.

  6. Good to have you back. We use gas with an outdoor wood stove for canning.


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