Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Cat and the Firewood

My boss asked me last week if we'd be interested in the three logs that were over in the yard.  He said they would make a nice pile of firewood, and of course I said yes, thank you very much!  The problem was finding a way to get the logs on the trailer so we didn't have to cut and split the wood on site.  It was way too hot out for that kind of activity.

Hmmmm.  I think that will do the trick!  Meet Miss Cat.

One in the cab, and one on the ground, and one behind the camera.  That's my kind of hard work!

We brought chains. . .

They offered to let me do this part and I politely declined.

And off she goes into the sunset (ok, it was still morning) after a job well done.  Good girl!

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  1. Such a pretty CAT! I have a weakness for large construction equipment. Talk about a great helping hand!!

  2. Lila,
    It really was an awesome machine! Next time maybe I'll drive :)

  3. Free is always good. I'm sure firewood is a valuable commodity when it gets cold.

  4. I would hate to have that CAT mad at me. I hope you bought it a treat for being a good kitty, ;)

  5. Love my firewood, I do. Nice pictures.

  6. ohh such a sweet kitty... : ) Free firewood is also awesome.

  7. That will make a lot of good wood. You are very fortunate. I wish my cats worked that hard.

  8. I showed these pictures to my wife and before I could even say a word about the logs for firewood... shes says, "no, you can't get a big excavator..."

    Dann in Ohio

  9. They say that the person who cuts their own fire wood is warmed by it twice. Once when they cut it, and once when they burn it.

  10. That's mighty handy. There's been many a time when I have wished I had some mechanical help lifting logs.


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