Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Trip to Bob's Red Mill

Today I planned a trip into the city, or close to it, to get a bunch of errands done.  We were out of Oat Groats which we can only get at Bob's Red Mill.  That being the furthest destination, I headed there first.  I love going there and I really wasn't in a hurry so I did a little Christmas shopping in their kitchen gadget section.  I bought some spatula's and pot scrapers to use as stocking stuffers (for adult kids). They are bright and colorful and useful.  I bought four sets and tossed them into my cart on top of the 25 lb bag of Oat Groats.

When I loaded everything into my car I noticed that one of the little pot scrapers had fallen underneath the bag of oats. Sure enough, when I pulled out my receipt there was one missing.  I grabbed my purse, hit the door lock button, slammed the door and turned to go back inside the store. Instinctively I reached into my coat pocket for my car keys and - you guessed it - my pocket was empty. A quick look through the window confirmed my worst fears.  My keys were laying on the passenger seat and the doors were all securely locked.  What to do?  In all my years of driving I cannot recall ever locking my keys in the car.  Fortunately we bought a roadside assistance policy for our 5th wheel and it covers the cars as well.  Also, luckily, I had my cell phone and it was actually fully charged! 

I called the 800 number, got everything settled and went back into the store to pay for my 99 cent pot scraper.  It was a cold day but dry, thank the good Lord, so I decided to have some hot coffee while I waited for the Pop-A-Lock tech to arrive.  I paid for my scraper and told the gal at the register about my keys and she gave me the coffee for free :) 

I went outside where there were some tables and chairs, thinking I would sip my coffee and write all of this down. (I keep a small spiral notebook in my purse).  Of course, the pen I keep in my purse was nowhere to be found.  As I contemplated the ice cold chair I was sitting on imagine my surprise and delight when Mr. Bob himself walked up the entryway.  You would know him anywhere.  He looks exactly like his picture on all of his products.  I watched as he escorted a woman to the door and then he turned to me and smiled.  He said I must be freezing sitting where I was, and he pointed to the other side of the entry where the Espresso cart was, and said there was a heater over there and it would be much warmer.  What a friendly guy.  And if I hadn't locked my keys in the car I would have missed that.  Made my day.