Friday, March 9, 2012

The War on Women?


N.O.W.’s  annual conference theme for 2012 is “Stop the War on Women”. Did I miss something here? Has someone or something declared war against me?

I believe the real enemy of women is N.O.W. Those women really need to get over themselves.  They cry about special rights for women, but why should women get SPECIAL rights?  Wasn’t it supposed to be “Equal Rights'”?  (And while I’m ranting, what’s up with Diet Coke and women’s heart health?  Are women’s hearts more important than men’s?  What about men’s heart health?) 

I am a woman and when a Gentleman opens a door for me I smile, say thank you, and send up a silent prayer for God to bless that kind soul. So if you are a Gentleman, don’t ever change.  You are greatly appreciated!  Men and women are supposed to be different.  God made us that way on purpose.  That is how we compliment each other in our relationship. Different strengths and different weaknesses. I don’t need N.O.W. to tell me I am important.  All I have to do is look into my husbands eyes or the faces of my children and grandchildren.

Feminist is the new “F” word in my opinion. I think we need to start a new organization like “Women against N.O.W.” or  “Real Women of America”.

Has someone done that? How do I join?



  1. What a great post! If someone has started a group like "Women against N.O.W" or "Real Women of America" I would totally join! :)

    Totally agree about those men that actually are gentlemen! God bless 'em!

    My husband says it's ALWAYS about the women. Really Father's Day is a joke when you compare it to all the stuff constantly clogging the airways about women and what holiday it is and so on.

    Anyway, I could go on and on. I just really enjoyed this post!

  2. I took a class when I was in college, can't remember what the description was for it, but it was pretty much a platform for N.O.W. All I could think about was how much the "instructor" hated men. It was so "anti-men" that I got completely turned off and dropped the class.

    I love how men think and how they respond to things differently than we do. I want a man to treat me like a woman. Of course I'm your equal, I don't need NOW to help me see that. And I agree, "Thank You" for being respectful by holding open the door. Your Mamma raised you right!

  3. Hear, hear! I think all of these groups on both sides are damaging to woman. Those that think we should all hate men and those that think we should bow to them.

    This is not difficult people...we are different it's ok, being a woman and being nurtured does not mean you get to push me around of tell me what to do.

    I too, like when a gentleman opens a door for me, but if one isn't around I am happy to do it myself and if one of those gentleman is a service member, I take pride opening it for him, if he lets me. Truth be told they almost always beat me to it:)

  4. You start it and I will be a card carrying member! One of the things I hate the most( and It may sound a bit trivial)...but I hate going in to a hardware store, they see a woman, and immediatly think she needs help and doesn't know a dang thing..I never see Men get treated like that... Its just a real pet peeve of mine...

  5. Once again you have pointed out the truth in such a succinct way. I love being a woman and trust me...I love my husband and sons being the men they were designed to be! I truly feel that the "entitlement" mentality is more damaging to our roles and our culture than most folks realize! Sign me up!

  6. Thank you for this great post. I linked your post from my blog!

  7. War on Women? Of course there is a war on women. A war on the socialist, wealth redistributionist, affirmative action, community reinvestment transfer that NOW and other feminist groups have been getting made into laws for 50 years or more. All of these things are under attack but not by the Republicans they are under attack by nature herself and the economic mess these very moves have created.

    By playing politics called "everybody hate the Old White Guys" the feminist have broken the Western World. They have allied themselves with every special interest group and minority concern out there to get control of the money and killed the productive class of society in doing so.

    A good article about this was Christina Hoff Summer's article : No Country for Burly Men

    These feminist groups like NOW know they are going to have to fight extra hard to keep their share of the pie and it scares the hell outta them.

  8. I think it was several years ago in "Reader's Digest" that I read the following true story:

    A young woman with her arms full of packages approaches the elevator as the door starts to close, so an elderly gentleman holds it for her. The young woman turns to the man and in a snotty tone says, "You didn't have to hold the door for me just because I'm a lady!"

    The gentleman quietly replies, "Madam, I didn't hold the door because you are a lady; I held it because I am a gentleman."

  9. If the goal of NOW was equal rights (I know it isn't that simple) then achieving that goal makes them irrelevant. So they have to modify their goals (as subtle as they can to still be accepted) to preserve themselves.

    All that remains to the organization are the radicals. The haters. They are not interested in fairness, just themselves.

    The O in NOW looks like the bottom of a clothes iron. Hehe.

    I love opening a door for women, especially for my wife. I do it often, not because they can't, but because I can.


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