Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time For A Change

Finding the time to blog has be an issue for me lately.  But even when I can, that blazing red screen  simply defeats me. I thought it might help if I had a more peaceful place to go.  It’s not that I never have anything to say – I am a woman – it’s just been a challenge.  So, in case you’re wondering, that’s why things look different around here.

We had a break in the weather a few weeks ago and decided to get the greenhouse up.  It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and the forecast for Monday was rain, as usual.  This little greenhouse had served us well the previous two years. We were careful to take it down as soon as it’s job was done so it didn’t needlessly spend the summer in the heat of the sun.  It wasn’t really expensive and the size was perfect for the two of us.

We got the frame assembled and found, to our dismay, that the cover had rotted at the seams and could not be used.  So we piled into the car and headed for Bi-Mart. (The store we bought the first one from).  We hated to spend another $89 on a new one, but we didn’t see that we had much choice. I was all for using duct tape, but my husband nixed that idea.

So we bought a new one and had the store employee help Tim load it while I paid for everything.  While they were loading the box into the car, the young man asked Tim if he had ever used one of these greenhouses, so of course Tim told him the saga.  The guy then told Tim that the store carried new covers for $24 but they were in the stock room.

The two of them unloaded the car, brought the box back into the store, got the new cover and we re-rang the entire order.  Boy were we excited!  Twenty four bucks and we’re good to go!

The new cover fit like a glove and we spent the next hour or so planting, marking , and watering seed trays.

Monday brought more than rain.  While we were at work we were hit by snow and wind.  Tim hadn’t gotten around to securing the bottom of the greenhouse on Sunday, and when I got home Monday the entire thing was blown into the center of the yard in a tangled. mangled, snowy, muddy mess.  All my seeds were in a pile of potting soil still inside the zipped up cover, which somehow escaped damage.


Back to Bi-Mart again.  This time we really had no choice.  Now we had a good cover but the frame was destroyed. So, again, we put up the greenhouse, planted seeds, and this time secured it before nightfall.


Here is Tim setting up the new frame.



We got lot’s of help from the whole family.



Boards for securing the cover.





Finished, finally.



The garden, waiting for spring.



The seeds we first planted, that ended up in a heap, are growing now.  We scooped the entire mess into two seed trays and decided to wait and see.  We don’t know what is growing yet, but when it gets big enough I’m sure we can figure it out.


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  1. I really like your new look. Kinda peaceful, isn't it. Nice garden and green house too. You're a good writer, Red...thanks.

  2. My husband and I have been talking about buying or building a little greenhouse, however whatever we get here has to be able to stand up to wind that blows 75 mph...

  3. Dittos to what Stephen said. Very nice look.

  4. Nice new look Red, in deed peaceful. Mother nature has a way of playing with everyone. You can always just post weekly or monthly. Myself I have too much time on my hands.

  5. I like your new look. What a trial with the greenhouse. We used to have a nursery business so I know all about putting new skins on. If there were the least little wind the skin wants to take off like a parachute!...Glad you got your new one up and secure and good luck with your seeds.

  6. All looks good. Hope you have a good garden year.

  7. Your greenhouse looks exciting!! I don't have one that large. Mine's only about 6'tall and three' square but I can sure put a lot in it. I had a wind blow mine over too this year. It caught on a bistro table so I didn't lose everything. I sure love seeing your chickens and dog wandering nearby. I love both. I have two Yorkie's but no chickens anymore. I miss those fearhered critters a lot but I live in a wooded area and too many coons, eagles etc., get after them.
    I enjoyed your blog and want to add you to my list.

  8. I love what you've done with your blog! :) I am having garden envy, too. Yours will be wonderful! :)


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