Tuesday, May 22, 2012



For Christmas my husband installed canned lighting in our kitchen.  There were holes (10” square) that had to be patched and primed.  Today I finally got around to the priming. (Yes, I know, why rush into it?)  I have put it off for so long because I really didn’t want to do it.  So, I thought about how I got motivated to paint the bathroom and remembered it was the music.  I danced and sang my way through the entire process.  So today I pulled out the iPod and selected random oldies thinking it would magically transform my attitude.  Not so much…. Hmmm… It was just making me more agitated.  What was different?  How was I ever going to get this done when I kept telling myself “I can’t do this!” ?

Fortunately, after skipping through the songs to find one I really, really liked, the tempo caught me and pulled me onto the dance floor.  Up and down the ladder at least a million times and I didn’t even know it.  I spent the day in another world, another lifetime, in a place I rarely visit. I am emotionally exhausted now, but the priming and taping and cleaning is done.  Next comes the painting.  A necessary evil, but do I have it in me to travel that far back again so soon?  I don’t know, but I seriously doubt it.

Tonight when Tim gets home we are heading for the Trap Shooting Club.  I can hardly wait!  The wind is howling and it’s raining sideways.  No worries, we’re going anyway.

UPDATE:  What a BLAST!!!!  We went to the range and there were only three guys there.  One of them was just leaving.  Everyone had given up because of the rain. BUT it stopped raining when we got there so we each had a private instructor and the range to ourselves.  I hit the first one out of the gate and figured it would be the last one too.  But my instructor was so helpful, by the time I was done I had shot 26 shells and hit 13 targets!  Woo hoo!  I’m still grinning ear to ear.  And as far as painting tomorrow,  I’m relaxed and ready :)




  1. Thanks for the update Red. The right music will motivate me. Tune in, plug the head phones in, and rock n roll.

  2. How crazy cool! Love the whole day.

  3. Good job at the range, that always makes for a good time.

  4. Glad you finally found the soundtrack for your Mojo!
    Also, glad to hear of the fun you had at the club!
    Hope the rest of your week goes just as well:)

  5. You go girl! I am sooo glad you had a good time at the range! I definitely can relate to the music being a necessary ingredient for getting a job done! I crank up the country music down here...but I like my oldies rock too!

  6. Slinging lead sure is relaxing, isn't it. Good for you.


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