Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Doctor Said it Was Great News


     “ You are allergic to Soy and  you’re Gluten intolerant. 

     On the Gluten sensitivity scale of 1 to 6 you scored a 23.” 

This is good news because???? 

     “Because it is going to change your life!  You are going to feel so much better!”

     “And you are going to lose weight too!”

Well, that IS good news.  But do you realize that everything has soy in it?

     “Yep”.  “Gotta read the labels – all the time, every time.”

I think I’m going to starve to death. 

At least I’ll be skinny.


  1. But, a healthy and beautiful skinny.

  2. Although not specifically about gluten, following Maura's clean eating blog will help you a lot. It will help shift you into the right mindset.

  3. Oops. Link:

  4. Oh honey! I'm praying the adjustments aren't to difficult. I could stand to lose a few...maybe I'll join you!

  5. There are so many choices now. You'll be amazeda the good food you can whip up for yourself. There are tons of gluten-free cookbooks and websites. I have a few recipes myself, as my boy has multiple allergies.
    Wishing you the best in your new venture...

  6. EVERYTHING has soy and gluten in it. I've a friend who's gluten intolerant, she had a HORRID time figuring out what she could eat. On the other hand she really DID feel better once she got that figured out.

  7. Red,
    Will be praying for you to walk this out in His strength and grace. While it's true, there is soy in a lot of our prepared foods, you don't have to give up meat or potatoes or fruits and vegetables! Soy is really bad for all of us unless it's fermented, so, I'm eliminating it from our diet. There are good folks out there with the same allergies you have who are already writing blogs and they will be able to offer you a wealth of information! You are in for a great adventure as you discover a healthier way to cook and eat.

  8. Don't feel too bad. My lovely Queen is a 50 on the gluten intolerance scale. I'd be happy to share some cooking advice if you like. For instance, Bob's Red Mill has the best gluten free all purpose baking flour on the market. It's about as close to wheat flour as you can get texture and flavor wise,

  9. I am thinking I need to get tested. Those tend to be big for a large percentage of fibromites. Sending healing vibes!!


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