Friday, June 8, 2012


Sunday was Trap shooting practice again.  I had my new modified choke installed and wore less bulky clothing without collars, per the instructors suggestions.  I did lousy.  I still had fun but the gun really beat me up.  I didn’t think that would happen since the last time it didn’t bother me at all.  But last time I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a fleece vest, and my raingear.  Hmmmm.  No padding this time.  I did okay for awhile and then it really started to hurt so I told them I had to stop.

When we got home I told my husband I was going to make some kind of pad for my shoulder for next time.  Then the next day at work my Boss told me they make gun shirts and shoulder pads.  Geeez! That would have been so helpful on Sunday.  So, I am not shooting again until my bruises are better and the bone stops hurting :)  Hopefully tomorrow I can get in to town to find a pad for my shoulder.  I found some online, but would rather see and feel one in person.

The instructor let me shoot his 12 gauge a couple of times and it didn’t hurt at all.  It was awfully heavy for me, but it had a wonderful spring-loaded pad on the end that took the brunt of the recoil.  It was great.  But, like I said it was really, really heavy.  I think it is time to start lifting weights to strengthen my arms if I can.  I love my little 20 gauge, but that big gun was sweeeeeeeet!!!

I have been a bit under the weather this week but I have tried to get around to all of your blogs. Even if I don’t leave a comment, I’m still stopping by.  It is frustrating sometimes because I really want to say something but can’t because I’m at work.  I often read blogs on my lunch hour but don’t feel comfortable signing in to Blogger on my work computer. 

My life is consumed right now by food – or the lack of.  Seriously, it is a mental thing mostly.  I can eat almost everything I usually eat.  The biggest problem so far is salad dressing.  I found a couple of gluten free, soy free recipes, but have been way too tired to try to make them.  Maybe this weekend I will have a bit of energy.  We are going to a potluck BBQ tomorrow evening and I am supposed to bring a salad.  I am taking watermelon instead.  Most people love it and it is something I can eat.  A burger patty and some melon and I’m good to go!   I am so NOT looking forward to it.  Guess I have to get used to it so I might as well get started. :)

Thanks for stopping by.  I hear my pj’s calling.




  1. Great post, Try some Ben Gay. It may help with the pain. I read more post than I comment on. Some blogs have so many followers I can spend 2 days reading everyone's comments. Have a great weekend Red.

  2. Don't feel bad, haven't even had time to post on my own blog! I love watermelon and have been known to eat way to much of it! Until my stomach hurts! I am so proud of you for sticking with your shooting! Hopefully someday we will throw some lead down range together...Girl time and much more fun than shopping! Take care my friend and be blessed.

  3. The 12 Probably felt better because all that weight was helping to soak up some recoil in addition to that spring loaded recoil pad. You might see what the weight difference is and either try and find a 20 of similar weight or go ahead and move up to the 12. A shooting vest with padding will help a lot too.

  4. Having been a boater for as long as I can remember, carrying when offshore was a wise decision. I fell in love with a 12 gauge Marine Defender several years ago (nickel plated to resist rust), but even the junior model was too big for me to hold unless I held it Granny-style, and I'm not nearly a good enough for that to be at all effective.

  5. Hubby is not a big fella, and he has trouble with the recoil on some of his rifles in the summer. It isn't very difficult to sew a small pocket into the inside of a summer shirt and slip a piece of foam padding into it. The padding is removable so that the shirt can be laundered with other clothes and does not take extra time drying.

    Maybe for salad dressing try some good quality extra virgin olive oil, a vinegar of your choosing, salt, & pepper. If you're not allergic to milk products, try some low fat sour cream with some chopped chives added.

    Enjoy some of the watermelon for me. I like it but should not eat it because melons are related to ragweed and it makes my allergies worse.

  6. Howdy!
    I hope you are having a great summer.
    Stopped by to wish you a Happy Labor Day weekend!


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