Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Picture Speaks Volumes


I was going through some pictures from our “big” snow storm of 2008 when I came across this one.

The picture shows one of our gas stations (we have two!) on 12/22/08.  This is shortly before Obama took office.  He had won the election but was not actually in office until January 2009.


12.22.08 gas prices


Now let’s blow that up and take a good look………. Since we live in a small town, the prices at our gas stations are ALWAYS exactly 10 cents higher than the closest city.  So, on December 22, 2008 the price of gas in Portland was $1.59 and the price of Diesel was $2.25.

12.22.08 gas prices cropped

Interesting , eh?





  1. WOW!! I don't even remember when there was a 1 at the beginning of a gas price!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I was kind of surprised myself when I saw it :)Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Welcome back, Pretty Lady, you've been missed.

  3. Stephen,
    Thanks for stopping by. It's good to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words - I have also missed everyone in blog-land. I hope to be better at it now :)


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