Monday, January 14, 2013

Church With My Dad

My Dad is a man of faith. Real faith. Deep faith.  An amazing man. Truly amazing.
Years ago he had to have a hip replaced and ended up with a blood clot in his lung. The clot was dissolved and the new hip was marvelous, but life changed after that. Soon the knees became bone on bone, but the doctors would not operate because of the history of blot clots.  Still my Dad refused to give in to a wheelchair. He lives in a great deal of pain and yet praises God joyfully.

One of his biggest regrets is not being able to attend church very often anymore.  He has a small travel chair that works similar to a real wheelchair, but it is not easy for my Mom to maneuver.  So yesterday my sister and I loaded him in the car and off  to church we went.

We got there between services and that gave Dad an opportunity to visit with many friends he hasn't seen in quite awhile.  One of those friends helped us get him situated in the sanctuary just in time for the beginning of the service.  He was beaming.  It was so obvious that he was thrilled to be there.

The sermon was excellent and the congregation was invited to come forward to take communion.  We waited until most of the people were through the lines and then my sister wheeled my Dad down the aisle to the table holding the silver trays.  The table was too high for him to reach and so I was able to serve my Dad communion.  It was incredibly emotional.  My sister and I were streaming tears as she pushed his chair back up the aisle to return to our seats.

The rest of the service was powerful and uplifting, and by the time it was over we all knew it was a day we would never forget.  What a gift to all of us. God is so good.



  1. What a nice thing you & your sister did! I bet he was so happy & proud.

    1. DFW,
      He was very happy..It was a day to remember. He's still talking about the sermon :)


  2. This sounds wonderful. What a special time for the three of you.

  3. tears on my face too as I read your post! What a joy filled time for you!


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