Thursday, March 21, 2013


In Portland there is a well known hospital called Oregon Health Sciences University, commonly referred to as OHSU.
These pictures were taken in the ladies room on the Cardiology floor.  See the little sign on the wall above the silver plated sensor?  You won't believe what it says.....


It kind of makes you wonder how much they think of their patients intellects. Apparently, we don't know better than to drink from the toilet instead of the drinking fountain.  Oh, and notice it is only in English, so the minorities must already know better. :)
Well, I'm so glad they cleared that up for me!


  1. What can one even say about that? This world gets crazier by the minute!

  2. Hey, be thankful that's all it says. As you get closer to the border with Mexico here in Texas, you start seeing trash cans next to the toilets because some folk don't know to flush their toilet paper. Apparently, septic systems in Mexico are not up to handle turd tissue. Or so I've been told.

  3. Wow. Just Wow.
    Maybe... its for the therapy dogs that visit the hospital!?!

  4. I enjoy my water fresh from the toilet don't you???

  5. Picking myself up from the floor. A good belly laugh is always a plus - thank you! I just can't quit giggling about it. No idea why they would post this sign. Most - but maybe not all - would know not to drink toilet water........

    Thanks Red for sharing - this is great.
    a little bird


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