Thursday, August 29, 2013


Now that I have replaced my computer, I really need to start bringing this blog up to date.  There are so many pictures (hundreds) of the logging operation that they all begin to blur together.  So I have chosen a few to show you so perhaps you can get an idea of the scope.
Below is a picture I took of Tim the day before the loggers came.
Notice the wall of green behind Tim in this picture.
Here is the same place, minus the wall of trees. 
I was astounded at the expanse of sky that was revealed.  It was, and is, fabulous.
The brown lump you see in the background is one of four slash piles. They are two stories tall and we will burn them in November or December.  I've been told they will burn for at least a week. 
This is one of many trucks carrying logs to the mills.
I snapped this shot because of the size of the logs.

Here is Tim sitting on his forest.  You can imagine how large the stumps were.
My employers did us a huge favor and sent an excavator out, with an operator, to dig the stumps and pile them up for burning.  They saved us thousands of dollars.

This picture was the view from the drivers seat of my car when I pulled into the carport.
(The framing on the left is the RV building that never has gotten the sides covered.)

This was the view towards the end of the logging operation.
Now there is about 7 cords of firewood stacked next to the RV building.


This is just a random shot of the loader piling up logs. 

I must say it was a bittersweet time for both of us.  We want to have pasture to raise our own beef, but we truly loved those trees and have lived with them for 17 years.  The first day of logging I was in tears several times. It was gut wrenching.  Every tree that came down shook the house when it hit the earth.  It was quite loud and scared my poor dogs to death..  But now we are looking forward to next spring when the grass is planted and the fencing is in place.  We will have ample room for a huge garden with no worries about big trees blocking the sun.  As hard as it was, we are both happy with our decision.  We didn't make as much money off the lumber as we had hoped, but when all is said and done I think I will still get that barn I've always wanted.  And, of course it will be RED!




  1. wow! I am so excited for all of your changes and plans..we are settling into our new place and I have seven pine trees of my own! rare for this part of Texas. Glad to see you up and blogging again my friend!

    1. I cannot wait to see pictures of your new place! I want to hear all about it. Have you started that new blog yet???

  2. Good for you. Bet the firewood will be nice in a few weeks. Nice pictures.

    1. Stephen,
      We are heading out tomorrow to purchase a new wood stove insert for our fireplace in the kitchen. The old one finally gave up. That firewood is truly a blessing to us in several ways. It will keep us warm and it has been great exercise splitting and stacking!

  3. Glad your back. Wow those trees are huge!! Next year will be busy for your family with all the new area to use.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for stopping by. We had a good number of those big trees and even more smaller ones. I am really excited about next year. It will be a learning experience I'm sure!

  4. Glad to see your blog back up and running. I too would have mixed feelings about the trees, but in the long term you'll get more food from the pasture/woodland mix. Those trees were HUGE!

    1. Hello K,
      Thanks for stopping by! More food is the key to the whole thing :)


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